The Gardens of OZ

We wish to welcome you to…

the most photographed private gardens and home in Lancaster County. 


Our Mission

Over two decades of work have gone into creating this special space for people to enjoy. Its primary mission is to raise money for charities, and we hope you will take advantage of opportunities to participate.

Dr. Dennis Denenberg


the Gardens

The entire acre of gardens is devoted to flowers and special features.  

Many visitors consider the all pink garden dedicated to breast cancer survivors to be their favorite spot.  The sign, designed by Matt Patek, displays a quote from the song entitled "Fighter" by Liz Fulmer.  "You won't ever see her giving up 'cause she is a fighter" was written to honor Diana Denenberg Durand, the sister of Dennis.  Diana courageously battled breast cancer for 18 years, and this garden honors her valiant struggle as well as the courage of everyone who fights breast cancer.

Also popular is the bamboo grove, where an Asian garden welcomes you to reflect.  The garden's motto can be seen on a sign there:  "Life is a journey toward an end, but in the end, it is the journey that matters."

Of course, the gardens of OZ showcase the owner's love of The Wizard of OZ.  There's the yellow brick road leading to Emerald City and Toto's dressing room - you can peer in through the roof to see what the movie's star has in his personal canine collection!

There are many other features: two ponds, the Mardi Gras tree, "Mama" Jade and her family,  the shade sails over the hosta bed, the succulent tree (new in 2019), and huge beds devoted to particular types of flowers (e.g., the moonflower bed).

From spring to fall, there is always something in bloom!



full acre

The gardens are a full acre without a single blade of grass on the property.




During the summer of 2018, over 700 visitors toured the Gardens of OZ.




Over 6,000 daffodils bloom in the spring.


the Gardens

We’re off to see the wizard.

Please keep in mind there is NO private monetary gain from any event held at the gardens. The gardens are not available for birthday parties, weddings, etc.

The Gardens of Oz are available for:



Groups of 20 to 25 people can arrange a 2 to 2 1/2 hour outing that includes a guided tour of the gardens, a guided tour of the house (every room is themed Wizard of Oz and art deco), and refreshments (guests may also BYOB).  Each guest contributes a $25 or more check for Diana's Dreamers; that contribution is 100% tax deductible. 


Any non-profit organization may use the gardens and home for a "retreat" for its Board or for a special reward for its donors.  The group will be asked to make a contribution to Diana's Dreamers; that amount will be agreed upon when the event is planned. 


Any non-profit organization may use the gardens and home for its own fund-raising event.  The group will be asked to make a contribution to Diana's Dreamers; that amount will be agreed upon when the event is planned.  Such events can include lunch (groups have used local caterers or have brought their own food).


April 2018

It isn’t just the gardens that are epic. By entering the house tour, you will quickly be immersed by the stunning array of Art Deco collectibles and Wizard of Oz treasures that makes visiting this portion of the tour unbelievable.

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April 2019

Denenberg’s garden truly serves as a reflection of where life has taken him. 

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